Words beginning with the letter S.

Sack lunch Packed lunch
Sales clerk/sales girl Shop assistant
Scallion Black onion
Schedule Time-table
Scotch tape Sellotape
Scratch pad Scribbling pad/block
Sedan Saloon car
Semester (school – two in a year) Term (three in a year)
Senior 4th year (school)
Sewer pipe/soil pipe Drain
Shade (window) Blind
Shoestring Shoelace
Shorts/jockey shorts Briefs
Shorts (underwear) Pants
Shot (injection) Jab
Shredded (coconut) Desiccated
Sideburns Sideboards
Sidewalk Pavement/Footpath
Sled Sledge/Toboggan
Slice (bacon) Rasher
Slingshot Catapult
Smoked herring Kipper
Snaps Press studs
Soccer Football
Soda cracker Cream cracker
Spatula/pancake turner Fish slice
Spool Cotton reel
Squash Marrow
Stand in line/line up Queue
Station wagon Estate car
Stop lights/Traffic signals/Stop signals Traffic lights
Stove Cooker
Straight (drink) Neat
Stroller Pushchair
Sub-division Housing estate
Subway Tube/underground
Suspenders Braces
Sweater/pullover Jumper/sweater/pullover

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