Words beginning with the letter P.

Pacifier Dummy
Package Parcel
Paddle (ping pong) Bat (table tennis)
Pantie hose Tights
Pantry Larder
Pants Trousers
Parka Anorak
Parking lot Car park
Pass (vehicle) Overtake
Pavement Road
Penitentiary Prison
Period Full-stop
Person-to-person Personal call
Pit (fruit) Stone
Pitcher Jug
Pollywog Tadpole
Popsicle Iced lolly
Pot holders Oven gloves
Powdered sugar Icing sugar
Precinct District
President (business) Chairman
Principal Headmaster/headmistress
Private school Public school/private school
Public school State school
Pull-off Lay-by
Pullman/sleeper Sleeping car
Pump Court shoe
Purse/pocket book Handbag

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