Words beginning with the letter C.

Call/phone ring up/phone
Call collect Reverse charges
Can Tin
Candy Sweets/Chocolate
Candy store Sweet shop/confectioner
Caravan Convoy
Carnival Fair (funfair)
Change purse Purse
Charged (good bought) Put down/entered
Check (restaurant) Bill
Checkers Draughts
Check room Cloakroom
Cheese cloth Butter muslin
Chicory Endive
Chips (potato) Crisps
City/municipal government Corporation
Closet Cupboard
Closet (hanging clothes) Wardrobe
Clothes pin Clothes peg
Collar button Collar stud
Comforter Eiderdown
Concert master Leader
Conductor Guard (railway)
Connect (telephone) Put through
Cookie Biscuit (sweet)
Corn starch Corn flour
Cotton batting/absorbent cotton Cotton wool
Cotton candy Candy floss
Cracker Biscuit (unsweetened)
Crazy bone Funny bone
Cream of wheat Semolina
Cuffs (pants) Turn-ups (trousers)
Custom made Bespoke/made to measure

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