USA UK Eggplant Aubergine Zucchini Courgette/Marrow Arugula Rocket Rutabaga Swede/Turnip Endive Chicory Capsicum/Bell pepper Pepper Snow peas/Sugar snap peas Mange tout Peanuts Monkey nuts (unshelled) Peanut Oil Groundnut oil Legumes Pulses Mealy potatoes Floury potatoes

Herbs & Spices

USA UK Kosher salt Flake salt Cilantro Coriander


USA UK Cookies Biscuits Biscuit Scone Pancake Scotch pancake Frosting Icing Turnover/Hand pie Pasty


USA UK Ground beef Minced beef Canadian bacon Back bacon Bacon Streaky bacon Pork rinds Scratchings/Crackling


USA UK Cream with 5% butterfat Single cream Cream with 48% butterfat Double cream Half-and-half Half cream, half milk (about 12.5% butterfat) Light cream Cream with 18% to 30% fat Whipping cream Cream with 30% to 36% fat Heavy cream/Heavy whipping cream Cream with more than 36% fat Sour cream Soured cream


USA UK Powdered sugar/Confectioners sugar Icing sugar Superfine sugar Caster sugar

Other food & ingredients

USA UK Dessert Pudding/Sweet/Dessert/Afters Pudding Custard Jello Jelly Jelly Jam Fries Chips Steak fries Chips Chips Crisps Cornstarch Cornflour Corn flour/Corn meal Cornflour Hard cider Scrumpy All-purpose flour Plain flour Ketchup Tomato sauce Tomato paste Tomato purée Strained tomato purée Tomato passata

Cooking Methods

USA UK Broiling Grilling Grilling Barbecuing Barbecuing Smoking

Tools / Equipment

USA UK Parchment paper Greaseproof paper Stove/Range Hob Canned items Tinned items Plastic wrap Cling film

Eating out

USA UK Appetizer Starter Entree Main course

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